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MiniBar, February 2009

Richard Pope

A categorised-source-agnostic-geo-aggregator-and-alerter-omatic!

(it takes in stuff from the web, api's and users, geo-locates it, then spews it out as a feed and email alerts)

*Anything* that has a single point in time and space qualifies.

170+ screenscraped data sources plus user input

Distance + recentness make interestingness.

Link direct to the source. It's other peoples information.

How it works

Geocoding in the UK is hard

(postcode db not free, no regular street naming, local names etc)

...but not impossible

do the best you can, then exclude or appologise for mistakes

or get users to correct them?

(coming soon)

StreetWire is really just a big fat extendable scraping engine (with a pretty logo).

Geocoding degrades gracefully:

geoRSS lat long
partial postcode
street term extraction
area term extraction

Example: geocoding BBC local news.

1) Region:

2) Street and area:

3) try and locate region + street + area

StreetWire is NOT facebook for local

Passive information absorption. Ping people with relevant things.

Future possibilities:

Custom alerting. Should I cycle to work today? Phone buzzes when walking past a gig?

Protect peoples privacy

Encourage loose ties

More information and connections makes happier communities

End / bit of a rant