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useful web service or
mass decentralised data theft?

BarcampUKGovWeb - january 2007

richard pope

Planning Alerts tells you what's being built where you live

Sends you emails like this

Why build it?
Arthur Dent Syndrome

The Queen (RIP), or what happens when no one's looking

photos from Urban75

What it looks like now :(

Email is passive, keep an eye on what's going on in your community with little effort

How it works

API's are fun (and useful)

Simple right? No.

Lots of people writing little bits of code (any language welcome)

This works well, but still 80% of the effort

Think what we could do if we didn't need to beg and steal?

Not an isolated problem

Yay for Wansbeck!

Direct XML feed for planning data.
If they can, why not the rest of government?